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Uncomplicate your business' life
is our purpose.

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Experience to deliver efficient and reliable
freight forwarding services.

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The true partnership is in all spheres
of our relations.

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Check out how was the mega export operation
in an Antonov chartered by Quantum Logistics.

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Our solutions

Air Transport

Whether in import or export, Quantum Air Transport Division combines logistics intelligence and a close relationship with airlines to offer you the best cost-to-time ratio.

Sea Transport

Economy of scale, flexibility and multiple combination of routes. These are some characteristics that make the Maritime modal the most common transport option to connect continents.

Road Transport

In Brazil or abroad, road transport is an important complement to your logistics operation. In this mode, Quantum offers solutions with a wide coverage radius and delivery performance.

Consolidated Shipments

Consolidated is a mode which Quantum combines multiple small shipments, optimizing the logistics chain, by saving time and reducing costs. No matter the mode of transport, the solution is in our products.

Project Cargo

Oversized, overweighed, break bulk or any other cargo that requires special transport, Quantum builds tailor-made solutions to serve you securely and efficiently.

Cargo Insurance

For national or international logistics operations, Quantum offers complete solutions to protect your assets. Our experience ranges from the technical risk analysis process to the agile and efficient monitoring of claims.

Vertical Markets

Our performance in vertical markets allows us to provide a distinguished & specialized service to attend the organizations in its specifics areas & niches, enhancing the expertise of the whole operation with results improvement.


Shipping liquids and gases just got easier.
Spread your transport range with Quantum Isotank Containers Leasing service.

Integrated Logistics

Complete solutions to secure suitable services level and costs downturn.

Special Services

Shipping is more than moving items from one place to another. It’s delivering a commitment, a desire, a promise. Bearing this, Quantum combines expertise and concern to details, whenever the mission requires special treatment.

Why Quantum?

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Uncomplicate your
business' life is our purpose.


We add a great deal of
energy and dedication into
each action.


We believe in innovation,
but always placing you at
the center of our concerns.


Global contacts with
rock-solid relationships.

Vertical Markets

Some sectors we perform

Dangerous goods
Machinery & equipments
Food & beverage
Construction & decoration
Fair & events

We have the worldwide connections
that you need to go further.

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Some of our clients

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